• Maintenance Free

    If used for more than a few hours per week, a real grass lawn will show signs of wear quickly. This will expose a hard unsightly surface, eventually being unusable.

    By installing artificial grass you will have a surface you are able to use all year round with relatively low or no maintenance required. Artificial turf will provide the perfect hard wearing surface for your garden.

    Maintenance Free

  • Playground Safety

    Play is at the heart of everything we do at Verde Recreo. Access to a well-resourced, stimulating and safe outdoor space has a positive impact on a child’s well being and helps in all aspects of their development.

    Leisure grass provides a natural looking alternative to the real thing that is both hard wearing and easy to maintain. Perfect for informal outdoor spaces or below play equipment and it will look good all year round. When used in conjunction with shock absorbing layers, leisure grass is also an ideal safety surface and will reduce the chance of injury should a child fall from play equipment. All our leisure grass products have been tested in accordance with BS7188 and EN1177.

    Contact us to find out how Verde Recreo can bring your outdoor play area to life.

    Playground Safety

  • Roof Terrace

    Being able to be out doors on a summer evening is second to none. Why not convert your terrace into a beautiful outdoor space that can be used all year round?

    Synthetic lawns look real and feel real under foot, they will continue to look stunning no matter what the weather.

    Roof Terrace

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